My name is Mary Grace Whalen and I am a writer who has authored over 50 published articles on hearing loss, aging and grief.  I am also a former college professor of English studies.

In the past 30 years, I have experienced a progressive hearing loss, but I function well in most situations as a bilateral cochlear implant recipient.  My hearing loss has been both a curse and a blessing.  As Helen Keller once pointed out, being deaf separates people from other people. Communication is so essential to our interpersonal relationships.   The positive side to this is that I have become more humble and understanding of the plight of those on the outskirts of society. I’ve also done some of my best writing in silence.  In this silence I found my own voice.

Now in my sixties, I am comfortable with my pearly white tresses.  As we baby boomers age, we realize what really matters.  We lose so many people by this age.  It’s a last chance to be who we really are and live our best dreams. Go for it!

There are many things that define all of us.  For me, my strong Italian roots and Christian values are deeply imbedded in the core of my being.  But I also love to explore new and fascinating cultures.

Thanks for your interest in my profile.







4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Mary Grace, hello, you commented recently on a blog post of mine so I’ve been meaning to pop over to your blog and “visit” you. My daughter is now profoundly deaf – happened at age 29- and now can hear only through the miracle of her cochlear implant. It’s a complicated story too long to relate here, but let’s just say the isolation and heartbreak of deafness was one of the most difficult things she has had to endure. I thank God every day for that tiny device which has brought her back to the land of the hearing, although in a diminished state.


    • Thank you for sharing your story about your daughter. Isolation is a huge factor when losing one’s hearing. To lose this precious life sense is devastating. I don’t know how long she has her implant, but it sometimes takes months or years to get the full benefit. The Hearing Loss Association of America helped me a great deal over the year. The people, the advocacy and the shared knowledge are priceless. If she doesn’t already know about them, their website is http://www.hearingloss.org. There may be a chapter in her area. I hope this helps in some way.


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